Richard Langford

"My work is quite varied as I enjoy working with a wide range of materials; stone, metal, glass, wood, other natural and found materials, using different skills and techniques. Sometimes I use these materials in combination to express a particular idea or feeling, otherwise individually as in a piece of stone carving or metalwork. I am inspired by the natural world, the human condition, myths and legends, contemporary and traditional art.

Although I enjoy making art at home in my studio, I also like extending my practice into other areas ...... residencies, workshops, being involved in events and festivals and working in the community."

Richard de Langford is a founding member and trustee for Cor' Blimey Arts. He participates in Glastonbury and WOMAD festivals providing high quality face painting. Also he teaches various art courses within the Somerset Skills and Learning.

Richard de Langford provides courses in stone carving, glass work and metal work.

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